How to find The best mattress in the US– Comparison, guide and opinion

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Are you one of the many Americans who have trouble sleeping? Scientific studies show that we generally need eight to ten hours of sleep, but many of us don’t get it because of restless nights. To solve this, the first step is a good mattress.

In order to carry out your personal and professional projects, it is essential to enjoy quality rest, which will reduce your stress and improve your physical and mental health. However, selecting a suitable mattress is not an easy task especially if you don’t sleep alone.

Why trust us

All the recommendations we make on are the result of many hours of research, comparisons, consumer opinion analyses, and, if necessary, expert points of view.

You will quickly realize that the products we recommend here are not the most expensive or the trendiest: they are the ones that will do their job best on a daily basis, passing with flying colors all safety, reliability and efficiency tests and with an interesting quality/price ratio for you.

What are our criteria for judging the products reviewed and selected

  • Quality: Does the product have a solid construction? Will it be reliable over time? Does it have a good warranty?
  • Effectiveness: Is the product effective in its task or do you have to give it a little help? For example, is it powerful, fast, silent?
  • Use: Is the product easy to handle, easy to use and maintain?
  • Price: Is the price of the product and/or accessories and spare parts reasonable compared to the rest of the market?

In addition to these main criteria, we then establish a list of criteria specific to each product category, detailed a little further down in this article.

In the end, the products we recommend to you are the ones we would want to buy, and the ones we would also choose for our friends and family.

Things to know before buying a mattress

Choosing a mattress always takes a bit of time, because you don’t want to make mistakes. Indeed, we generally spend more than a third of our life in our bed, and we all have different expectations and faces.

Here we present some food for thought and tips that can save you time at the time of purchase, and help you find a model that really suits you.

Certifications, standards… is it really important?

Mattress manufacturers very often highlight certifications or compliance with certain standards (CertiPUR-US for foam, in particular).

There are two things to note:

First, different certification bodies have varying degrees of requirement. In the current market, most certifications remain relatively easy to obtain: you must see them as a guarantee of minimum quality, which can apply to a wide variety of products.

Then, the certifications remain interesting: it is better, indeed, that they are present than absent, since they never go in the direction of a drop in quality.

Should I trust the scales of choice offered by brands?

Nope !

However, we must qualify. If we recommend that you do not rely too much on these scales, it is not because the brands are dishonest, but because they try to cover the majority situations.

They will therefore tend to recommend a firm mattress to corpulent people, and a soft mattress to thin people, because this is indeed often what is preferred.

However , there are many exceptions, and your personal taste is by far the most important factor to consider.

Buying a mattress online, is it really safe?

A few years ago, we would not necessarily have advised you to buy online: the guarantees were often less solid, and there were many delivery and installation problems.

But since then, the Web has become an essential sales platform, and the vast majority of manufacturers have been able to adapt.

So much so that it even seems preferable to go online now, because you will benefit from a much more attractive price than by shopping at retailers. You can save hundreds of dollars.

How are delivery and installation carried out?

The mattress is most often delivered rolled up in a protective plastic envelope, and placed inside a box, well packed. All you have to do is transport the box next to the bed base, position the product in it and cut out the packaging.

We advise you to be two: there is nothing complicated, but some models weigh heavily, especially if you have chosen a large and thick reference.

Then, a wait (often 48 to 72 hours) is necessary for the product to take its final shape.

If I buy online, will I be able to try the mattress?

You have to find out about the conditions offered, but the answer is probably yes. The majority of brands indeed offer a trial period of around 100 nights (or a little more for very high-end models).

In addition warranty (limited) is the current market standard.

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What happens if I’m not satisfied during the trial?

There are two possibilities.

Either you have opted for a top-of-the-range model with guaranteed firmness, and you just want a slight modification: in this case, some manufacturers can send you an additional layer of foam free of charge.

Either you are definitely not convinced, and you want to proceed with a return. The procedure is then generally as follows:

  • Contact the brand (via Amazon, telephone, email, etc.).
  • Schedule a return date : Often, the manufacturer’s representatives will pick up the mattress directly from you, and you don’t have to do anything.

Returned mattresses are generally recycled, and more and more companies are socially engaged: they make the benefit of people in need. So you have no scruples to have: if the comfort is not suitable, let them know while there is still time!

Should I choose an Americansne-made mattress?

The origin of the mattress is not necessarily the most important criterion for evaluating its quality, however, there are several advantages to choosing an Americans manufacturer, in addition to favoring the local economy:

  • The territory is better covered. Some US brands do not bother to deliver to all provinces or impose disadvantageous special conditions…
  • The ethical requirements are higher. You are confident that the people making the mattress have been paid properly and treated well.
  • It’s more ecological. This for two reasons: first, the materials are chosen with much more care and thought. Then there are potentially fewer transport-related emissions.
  • Some models take climate variations into account. They are cozy in winter, and cool in summer, and allow you to have pleasant nights all year round.

Among the Americansnes brands that we recommend without hesitation, we find in particular Silk & Snow, Polysleep or Endy.

The fashion is for manufacturers who focus on a single model of mattress (offered in several sizes and thicknesses) in the service of which they put all their know-how and their research forces. This generally results in top comfort, ingenious and innovative models.

I don’t sleep alone. How to do ?

Do you sleep with your half, and you don’t have the same desires or the same physiognomy? Don’t worry: it happens most of the time.

Here, the goal will be to find a compromise.

There is no miracle solution, the simplest method is to test and agree together. As a general rule, couples appreciate models with limited motion transfer andbalanced reception, whose edges sag little, but this remains a simple suggestion to be confronted with reality.

Are hypoallergenic or antibacterial mattresses effective?

Most foam mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic, meaning they don’t retain dust mites, dander, pet hair, etc.

Some products also benefit from an antibacterial treatment, which can be particularly useful to prevent the proliferation of bad odors.

However, we urge you first and foremost to see these as options for comfort, not health.

To put it more simply: it is possible that this type of mattress will make you spend more pleasant nights, by reducing feelings of suffocation or breathing difficulties. But they do not exempt you from a consultation with the doctor if the problems persist.

We strongly encourage you to contact a healthcare professional if you often wake up having difficulty breathing: you may be suffering from sleep apnea, which requires diagnosis and follow-up.

I don’t understand the vocabulary of mattresses! Can you help me ?

Of course, we are here for that!

Don’t be put off by the jargon used by brands. There is nothing difficult to understand, and once you master the lexicon, fallacious arguments are quickly spotted. Here are some important words.

Welcome  (or firmness): this is the feeling you will have when you lie down on the mattress. A mattress can be very soft, soft, semi-firm, firm, etc. There is no official rating, although some brands have their own scale. Better to trust reviews and guides.

In our comparison, to assess the firmness, we took into account the majority customer opinions, the indications of the brand, and the structure of the products.

Aeration (or ventilation): it is the ability to circulate air. The better the mattress is ventilated, the less likely you are to sweat.

Constitution : this is the composition of the mattress (foam, springs, latex), etc. You may find on some pages the termsoul, which is perhaps a little more poetic and selling, but means exactly the same thing.

Thickness : this is the height of the mattress.

Support : this is the feeling of stability and support, you must be particularly vigilant on this point if you suffer from lower back pain.

Rebound : this is the ability of the mattress to “bounce back”. A limited rebound makes movement difficult but can guarantee more assertive support, however this may not please people who move around a lot at night.

Size : these are simply the dimensions of the mattress. In this comparison, we have chosen to respect the way the sizes were displayed on the manufacturer’s or seller’s website, very often in US format, in ascending order: Twin, Twin XL, Full, King and Cal King.

On Americanss sites, there is also the French display, where the names are quite transparent: Single, Single XL, Double, Large bed, Very large bed and Very large bed cal.

In theory, a Queen mattress is suitable for a Queen bed. However, in practice, we have observed that some manufacturers seem to take small liberties: we therefore encourage you to check the dimensions carefully before making any purchase.

Transfer of movement : it is the fact that a movement carried out on a point of the mattress spreads on its surface. In the majority of cases, we seek to limit the transfer of movement, since it is much more pleasant if we sleep with our other half, a child or a pet.

How do manufacturers test mattresses?

Now that you’re a real expert, you’re probably wondering how all of these things are rated. And this is precisely where a problem arises: each manufacturer has its own method.

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Some tests are widespread and quite reliable (seeing if a glass of water is spilled to test the transfer of motion for example), but others depend very much on the conditions at the time and on personal judgment.

This is why aggregating reviews and pinpointing where the consensus lies, as we have done here, is often more efficient and safe than reading the official page.

I am interested in a recent model, should I be wary?

In our comparison, we recommend certain models that are still young, in particular the Douglas mattress released in 2018.

When you opt for a recent product, it is more difficult to be certain of the durability and quality of service. However, you can rely on any previous proposals from the manufacturer to get an idea, as well as on the opinions of other Internet users.

In addition, the quality of manufacture remains a partly objective criterion: it is quite easy to differentiate a high-end mattress from a cheap mattress, even by simply consulting the list of materials used.

There are advantages to buying a recent mattress: you benefit from the latest innovations, and the ecological commitment is generally stronger.

Our selection criteria for buying a mattress

Our selection criteria for buying a mattress

Now that you have all the keys in hand to avoid the pitfalls, it’s time to select your cozy nest definitively. Once you have established your needs, the choice of your mattress will essentially depend on the manufacturing characteristics and any innovations it incorporates.

The price

If you browse the Web a little, you will quickly realize that mattresses over $1000 are sometimes presented as affordable. However, we are convinced that not everyone has the means to invest such a sum, even with financial assistance!

For our part, we made sure to present you with mattresses whose price seemed to us to be really in line with the quality and comfort offered, with products ranging from around 300 to just over $1,000 in Queen/Queen size.

These often compare very well with models sold at a much higher price: beware of exaggerated prices.

Naturally, the price is proportional to the desired size.

The constitution

Three possibilities here: foam, springs, latex.

By far the most popular material is foam (often memory, to accommodate your sleeping habits). It allows you to obtain different levels of firmness and support, and is both light and solid (prefer polyurethane foam). On the other hand, it is naturally warmer.

Springs level image, because the rebound is more pronounced. However, today, pocket springs offer significant ventilation and a much better managed rebound. This type of mattress may be more appreciated by people who sleep alone and move around a lot.

The main feature of latex is that it is particularly robust and adaptable, it is also more breathable than foam. Its use is less frequent, because it is quite expensive and heavy, and manufacturers are now able to offer properly ventilated foam models.

Sometimes the technology used is called the “soul” of the mattress.

Your box spring

If you already have a box spring, you probably don’t want to replace it and have new expenses. Foam mattresses are suitable for slatted and adjustable slatted bases, while spring mattresses are suitable for sprung or slatted bases.

The number of layers

This primarily concerns foam or hybrid mattresses (ie made up of both springs and foam).

Often several layers are used, usually three or four. Our preference is for classic three-layer models, which have proven their effectiveness and are generally structured as follows:

  • A high density base : the density is often greater than 30 kg/m3, which corresponds to approximately 1.9 lb/ft3. The purpose of this layer is to improve stability and support, and to support the entire mattress.
  • A transitional layer. Sandwiched between the base and the upper part, it provides a little flexibility but remains dense enough to oppose a little resistance to your body, in order to avoid the transfer of movement and a too strong rebound.
  • A comfort layer : this is the one with which you are in direct contact, less dense and generally quite soft. Its sole purpose is to make your night more pleasant.

The dimensions and the weight

For the dimensions, no secret, it is necessary to check that the mattress adapts to your bed before buying it. If you’re going to change your entire bedroom, keep in mind that generally, you sleep better when you have more space.

When it comes to weight, a heavy mattress isn’t necessarily a barrier to purchase, but depending on your build and shape you may need to ask someone for help putting it in place .

It is better to know this beforehand, so do not neglect to check this criterion.


Firmness is mainly a matter of taste.

There are all the same constants, which we are going to present to you here, but which do not necessarily apply exactly to your personal situation: listen to your body above all, it is your best guide.

A soft or very soft accommodation is often preferred by people with small stature : you sink a little into the mattress, and there is a “cocoon” effect similar to what you can feel when you wrap yourself in a cover.

Side sleepers may also appreciate the less pressure on the hips and the greater ease of movement.

A balanced (or semi-firm) reception is ideal for equipping a rental or a guest room, and can be a good compromise for some couples. It’s an in-between where most people can sleep well.

Finally, a firm or very firm reception is generally appreciated by broad-shouldered or tall, the whole of the body being maintained at the same level and better stabilized.

It is the upholstery  that plays the most on reception, but many factors come into play.

Support (or support/support) and sagging

Do you still have back and muscle pain, and do you think that your poor sleeping conditions are largely responsible? In this case, you should definitely look for a mattress that offers excellent support. The quality of the support is determined above all by the constitution of the mattress.

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If you sleep as a couple, make sure that the perimeter is reinforced and stable too: this will allow you to get up or sit down at night without disturbing your partner. Be vigilant on this plan, because it is a fairly recurring weak point on many models.

It will probably cost you a little more, but could well allow you to enjoy more dynamic days.

Settling and sagging are also to be taken into account:

  • Settling is a slight phenomenon of “folding”, which can be observed on the edges of low-end models, and which can be unpleasant, especially if you sleep as a couple. .
  • Sagging is a more pronounced dip, a kind of unpleasant dip that can cause back pain. If it is very pronounced, it may be covered by your warranty.

The quality of the rebound and the isolation of the movement

As explained above, if you move a lot, you need a little rebound. However, if it is too marked, you risk having sinking sensations and the support is less assertive.

Unfortunately, there is no quantified standard for evaluating rebound. Some brands have it tested by engineers, which is already a positive first step.

As for motion isolation, it is good or very good on most current models, even entry-level. Of course, you still have to take the time to consult the opinions, but this is a point on which unpleasant surprises are becoming increasingly rare.

The thickness

It is quite rare that an extra thickness is a negative point on a mattress, on the contrary. The “standard” thickness of the foam models is 25.4 cm, that is to say 10 in: this is suitable for daily use.


Latex and springs provide good natural ventilation.

This is not the case with foam, but brands use many tricks to overcome this problem.

Do you wake up at night from heat and sweat? In this case, a mattress with a top layer of open air cell foam is a good solution. The air circulates freely there, and comes to guarantee a permanent freshness.

There are also mattresses where the foam is simply perforated with holes, with the same objective of making the air path more fluid.

The cover

On most models, the cover is simply used to protect the mattress. It is useful that it is resistant to water and liquids, and you can also pay attention to its aesthetic aspect: the current fashion is rather sober and modern colors (white, anthracite), excluding black, a little too funereal.

It can be integrated (you do not necessarily have optimal access to the interior of the mattress) or removable, thanks to a zipper. This second option offers many advantages, including the possibility of washing the cover much more easily and quickly directly in a washing machine.

When the cover is integrated, it can take the name of ticking.

The covers are often made of polyester, but on some high-end references they are made of lyocell: this material made from wood pulp, and sometimes called Tencel, helps fight against moisture and bacteria and is also biodegradable.

Odor Control Devices

Unfortunately, mattresses have a tendency to attract odors, and it’s not always easy to find the courage to clean them… so odor control technology can be beneficial!

The two most common methods are:

  • Activated carbon, very well known, simple and effective.
  • Green tea, on which opinions are sometimes more mixed: it’s up to you to test!

Note that, somewhat counter-intuitively, mattresses using this system may have a stronger and more persistent odor upon unboxing than other products, but it still dissipates over time.

Also know that if you turn and wash your mattress regularly (following the manufacturer’s instructions) and take care of your bedding, odor problems should be very limited.

How to take advantage of the full potential of a mattress?

Your choice is made? Congratulation. Now, to take full advantage of the characteristics of your mattress, there are precautions to take and attitudes to adopt. We offer you some tips and tricks to have a truly pleasant sleeping environment.

1.  Do not neglect the rest of the bedding

The mattress is undoubtedly one of the most important elements for sleeping well, but it is not everything. A good mattress must be associated with a quality box spring, pillows, sheets and duvet.

Some manufacturers really specialize in mattresses, while others offer a wide selection ranging from mattresses to pillowcases. Do not hesitate to check if the brand you bought from can help you achieve a complete sleep installation.

Also, if you use a fitted sheet, make sure it is sturdy. Water resistance is also desirable.

2. Promote the ventilation of the room

Humidity and heat are among the main enemies of rest. Today, most mattresses stay dry and are able to provide some cooling. However, the best thing is to have a healthy natural environment.

That’s why we invite you to open your bedroom window in the morning. It is a simple, free and useful gesture, which makes it possible to renew the air, and whose effects are very beneficial: it can reduce humidity, helps to regulate the temperature naturally and reduces feelings of confinement.

3. Get comfortable

Listen to your desires. Do you find your top-of-the-range model more comfortable with a mattress topper? So don’t deprive yourself.

Sleep is a complex balance that depends on everyone’s body, and even unusual combinations are allowed: what matters above all is that you feel good!

If, despite numerous attempts, difficulty falling asleep or lower back pain persists, do not hesitate to consult a doctor who can give you advice on the positioning or check whether you have a health problem.

To each their mattress! A test is essential to making your final choice, but we hope that this guide has helped you better understand the essential criteria and has allowed you to discover exciting models. Do not hesitate to exchange with Internet users and manufacturers to find out more.

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